Sample Packing List                                                                              

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 Box Number: 5

 Detail List

 Summary List

 1.Bed Linen


 2. Shirts (2)

2. Kitcheware

 3. Trousers (3)

3. Toileteries

 4. Knives, Cutlery


 and so on


You may number the boxes as you wish. Sometimes, depending on the various items you have, you could choose to include a prefix: P-N
where P = the prefix could be: B (for Books), M (for magazines), E (for Electronics), C (for clothes), K (for kitchenware)

Of course, this is only for your reference - the shippers don't care about this.

Also, at the end of this list, you can also include the following section (for your reference):

Box Dimension Info:

 Box Number

 L x B x H

 Cubic Ft

 Cubic Wt*















 Total Cu Ft

 Total Cu Wt

This above reference will also be useful in identifying how many boxes of a given dimension you have, etc, and the whole information will be useful and needed for estimation of the shipment charges.

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