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 Prospective Sponsors & Interested Advertisers

We welcome all genuine requests for placing good, reputed, trust-worthy and related advertisements on this page and/or website. If you have something to offer us, we'd be glad to participate. Please let us know by writing us at We will review your request and send you a suitable response at the earliest.

 For the benefit of interested parties:
 - Requests should be from genuine, trust-worthy owners/businesses only
 - Requests related to offensive and adult content will not be entertained
 - Specific areas of interest: 
    Travel-related - planning, deals, information; 
    Shopping - Books, magazines, music, travel accessories (including electronics), coupons ;
    News,  weather  and current topics.
  We wish to retain the simplicity and usefulness of this site, and would like to have information on
  the types of adverts that you offer (text links, banners, etc)
  The final decision to join your affiliate program will rest with us.
 So, if you have something, we look forward to a successful partnership

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