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Magical Rains: Weekend Drive to Panshet (2013)

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Rains are one of nature’s blessings, and more so to countries like India that are largely dependent on the annual monsoon season – a lifeline for the sub-continent. Fortunately for us, we (individually speaking, that is) are not governed by the vagaries of the monsoon, and that gives us a chance to experience and witness the wonder of the rains.

Close to Pune, about 50km out from the western edge, is a (still) sleepy little place called Panshet. Nestled amidst the mountains of the Sahyadri Range, this is also a catchment area and a source of water supply to many downstream villages, including the rapidly growing town of Pune.

Recently, with the timely arrival of monsoon in India, it was time to head out and enjoy the lush scenery after a hot and scorching summer rendered the hill slopes, rivers and trees dry. It was this thought that took us on a weekend drive to Panshet, and the scenic vistas of lush fields, rain-cloud kissed hills and bouts of sunlight amidst the rain that unfolded cannot be described in words. See the album for yourself [and, we made a promise to come back for more, before the season ends!]

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June 2013: Supermoon

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This June, on the 22nd/23rd, it was to be the Northern (Summer) Solstice and the day also coincided with the full moon at its closest point to the earth, giving rise to the ‘Super Moon’ phenomenon!. Having known this, it was something not to be missed…and so, here are pictures from the collection showing our closest celestial neighbor!

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Spring/Summer in Pune (2012-13)

May 2012-13

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Spring is when the natural world comes alive on our planet. And, it is a treat to find and discover the multiple hues of yellows, greens, pinks or oranges as trees around the city come alive! It’s now become a favorite for me… Here’s another set of more (recent) pictures from a Spring-Summer break!

(See more pictures in the Spring-Summer in Pune (2008-10) album.

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