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Trips: Kerala – The drive to Thekaddy

:: Galleries – Kerala – The drive to Thekaddy

It was barely the half-way mark in the trip, but Cochin and Munnar, with the lush tea plantations, rolling hills, waterfalls and amazing national parks, had already provided glimpses of why Kerala is so aptly christened ‘God’s Own Country’. After a hearty breakfast, it was time to head to Thekaddy, home to the largest wildlife sanctuary in India, viz. the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve.


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Blue Ridge Parkway – Waterfalls

:: Destinations – North America – North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Parkway, and fall colors can make a spectacular combination. However, this trip in the fall of 2000, began with a very different aim – to go waterfall spotting, in the scenic forests of the mountains of North Carolina.

As the weather began turning colder in early fall, and the maples began turning a faint hue of golden brown, it felt like the right time to plan a visit to the mountains of North Carolina. Scouring the maps (mind you, these were the days, when the Internet wasn’t so ubiquitous!), I identified an area that sat in the middle of the mountains and forests, and the maps and guide books only made some passing references to the waterfalls along one of the routes. And so it was – a trip to discover some beautiful waterfalls, tucked away in the beautiful forests of North Carolina.

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