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CityScapes – Ferris Wheel Lights

:: Abstract – Lights:CityScapes – Ferris Wheel Lights (2014)

Each summer, with the schools closed, kids in Pune enjoy their vacations, albeit probably mostly indoors to keep away from the scorching heat. However, it is also during this time, that the city witnesses the emergence of fun fairs and exhibitions, with children’s rides and games. It’s a place where families like to spend time, and play, eat and shop.

While it’s still hot then, the couple of hours that people spend here, help them enjoy and forget the heat. This year, seemingly didn’t feel that hot, and as part of my tours around the city on one weekend, I spotted one such fair along the riverside. Knowing this, it was only a matter of time, before I was keen to take my camera and capture some glimpses – and, in what has now become a favorite, I made it to the vicinity around dusk, to capture the lights of the city, the fair, and the reflections these cast on the water.

Here are the snaps from this album – hope you enjoy them.

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Spring/Summer in Pune (2012-13)

May 2012-13

:: Galleries – Nature: Seasons – Spring

Spring is when the natural world comes alive on our planet. And, it is a treat to find and discover the multiple hues of yellows, greens, pinks or oranges as trees around the city come alive! It’s now become a favorite for me… Here’s another set of more (recent) pictures from a Spring-Summer break!

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Spring/Summer in Pune (2008-10)

May 2008

:: Galleries – Nature: Seasons – Spring

Spring is that time of our planetary cycle, when Nature comes alive after the cold period of wintery weather. And, you just have to look around – or outside, depending on where you are – to see the bounty of nature greet you. Here are pictures from shots taken at various times just hoping to capture the beauty as best as possible.

Autumn colors are well-known to many, but Spring is equally, if not more, spectacular! Keep watching this space, as capturing Spring colors, is just turning into a hobby for me!

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