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Kaas Plateau (Kaas Pathar) of flowers, Satara (2013) [Part 1 of 2]

:: Destinations – India: Kaas Plateau of Flowers (2013) [Part 1 of 2]

Situated in the Western Ghats, the Kaas Plateau and a UNESCO Biodiversity World Heritage site, is a popular place with amazing natural beauty. Every monsoon, between August and September/October, the plateau comes alive with more than 800 species of wild flowers!

We visited in 2011 (see the album here) but unfortunately, the rains weren’t adequate in the monsoon of 2012; so we passed on a trip that year. But 2013 saw a good monsoon, and so, it was time to make a visit to this Plateau of Flowers again. However, sadly, there were a few heavy spells of rain in late Sep, and the delicate flowers were apparently affected. Even though the overall blossoms were far fewer, the scenery was fantastic.

Please note: This album is in two parts. Don’t forget to check out the other part too. (Coming soon)

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See Part 2 (coming soon) and more pictures of another visit to Kaas here


CityScapes – Neon Reflections (1 of 2)

:: Abstract – Lights: CityScapes – Neon Reflections

There are those who like the rain, and there are those who don’t. Apart from the refreshing feel of the rain, there’s another aspect of it which has caught my fancy over time, especially if you live in cities and urban areas. That is the amazing reflections of neon signs and street lights on freshly drenched city streets.

It’s not easy to capture these, since the timing and ‘luck’ needed to have all the ingredients in place is quite a lot to get right! But, nevertheless, having your camera handy in the rains can be useful.

Here is a set from a visit to a city mall in the rains. Enjoy the blues, reds and yellows!

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Spring/Summer in Pune (2012-13)

May 2012-13

:: Galleries – Nature: Seasons – Spring

Spring is when the natural world comes alive on our planet. And, it is a treat to find and discover the multiple hues of yellows, greens, pinks or oranges as trees around the city come alive! It’s now become a favorite for me… Here’s another set of more (recent) pictures from a Spring-Summer break!

(See more pictures in the Spring-Summer in Pune (2008-10) album.

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